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Why Choose All American Workwear?


We bring the uniform store to you by popping-up at your local school for a designated time before school starts. This means that there will be inventory available to all students that is pre-approved by your school and you won’t have to worry about finding enough items in the size and colors needed for each student. We also hire members of the community to work the pop-up store so they know the needs of each student in the community.

Inventory Investment

We are not scared of inventory! We guarantee to have every item in-stock throughout the school year using our forecasting principles that we carry out daily for our major retail customers.

Customer Service

With a staff that supports over 1,000 global boutiques and the world's largest retailers; we have dedicated staff to services our customers in all time zones.Retail ExpertsWe've developed both online and offline strategies to ensure students get the right-sized uniform at the right time. Through a combination of pop-up shops, permanent student stores, fitting days, and micro sites, we are able to service students and their families better then their local big box retailer.


We are able to customize uniforms for class, club and physical education! Our in-house art and design teams can create or redevelop logo art and send it directly to our in-house screen printing and embroidery facility for quick turn customization.


Because we are the manufacturer and wholesaler, we are able to provide more value through our prices than any other uniform supplier!QualityWith 55 years of experience in the apparel business, we've developed proprietary fabrics and fits that exceed the needs of today's students; whether they are in the classroom or at Physical Ed.

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